Clovendoe In Singapore!

Hello from Singapore 👋

Clovendoe is excited to announce its participation in the 2024 Food & Beverage Trade Show (FHA-FnB), held 
from April 23rd to 26th at the Singapore Expo. One of Asia's leading international food and beverage events, FHA-FnB is a platform that brings together industry professionals, global suppliers, and emerging brands for an immersive experience. In this event, attendees can expect to witness various exciting activities. Clovendoe is all set to make a significant impact at this mega event, and we can't wait to showcase our products and services. This event is only possible with the support provided by the Gold Coast City Council and TradeSmart.

2024 Food & Beverage Trade Show

FHA-FnB has limitless possibilities. This platform is not just a sourcing hub but a source of inspiration for the Food and Beverage industry. Explore the latest trends, innovative technologies, and an array of products through the 12 diverse segments available. Clovendoe will take advantage of this opportunity to elevate and empower our company. We are really excited and humbled to have this opportunity.

Clovendoe's Booth

Visit Clovendoe's booth # 8A4-01. At our booth, attendees can:

  • Sample the Goodness: Taste and tour the entire Clovendoe No and Low range (ZERO and 24)
  • Meet with Catie to learn about Clovendoe's processes, products and collaboration opportunities.

Supported by the Gold Coast City Council

Clovendoe is participating in a trade mission led by the   The City of Gold Coast and TradeStart. This trade mission aims to connect Gold Coast businesses with the global markets that are key to their success. During the mission, the City of Gold Coast promotes its export-ready businesses' capabilities, products, and services. TradeStart advisors accompany every City of Gold Coast Trade Mission to facilitate export discussions and guide brands through exporting.

For more information and pre-registration, visit the official FHA-FnB website -

Love from Catie Fry from Singapore ❤️

Founder & Head Distiller