'Sipping Solo' Moscow Mule Combo Kit

'Sipping Solo' Moscow Mule Combo Kit

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Spring is here and it’s the perfect weather to crack out the good ol’ Moscow Mule Cocktail and Virgin Cocktail recipe using our delicious Clovendoe SEED range. We have partnered with friends from female led, local aussie, luxurious copper business ‘Vurth’, to bring you the ultimate ‘Moscow Mule’ experience. 

What’s in the ‘Sipping Solo’ Moscow Mule Combo Kit:

  • SEED Zero (200ml) 
  • 1 x luxurious copper Moscow Mules
  • 2 x fresh limes
  • 1 x copper straws
  • 2-pack Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Why a collaboration with Vurth?

Moscow Mules are popularly served in a copper mug, which takes on the cold temperature of the liquid. Vurth is a beautiful Brisbane business that shares same principles as we do. Luxurious & sustainable products made from copper, which is the oldest metal known to mankind, it's versatility knows no bounds. Some independent research and scientific studies highlight how beneficial and important this noble metal is for the present generation, especially during the current crisis of a global pandemic. And all our Clovendoe spirits are distilled small batch in a one-of-a-kind traditional copper pot stills. It's a win-win.